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Name: Kulog Maingay
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The Satirist: firstly, emphasizes his centrist's stance -- he neither leans a little to the left nor more to the right of the political scale, he maintains his equilibrium amidst all the hype, media-saturations and "Devil may Care" politicking. From the subtle to innate absurdities of mainstream pinoy pop culture he extracts his own brand of art -- a pun infused jab at luminaries who pokes at his fickle funny bone and at the permanence of his limited attention span. Whether his idiosyncratic scrutiny's be in a form of palpable exaggerations or implied truth doused in humor: take from it what you will as he only wishes to insight hilarity through his witty parodies. His lampoons are drawn with intentions wholly for the principle of light satire without the gross derisions; well, that's as much as his sanity censors him, at least in most cases. He loves to coin maxims like this one, "When profundity meets punditry they spawn into profanity" ( I guess that's a fitting equation to describe him).And apparently he likes to talk in second and third person mode?!...Hmmnn.
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Monday, February 13, 2006
Are you half-awake or half-asleep?

A Leftist's Sonnet
( Confrias C De Leon )

The streets are plagued by reverbs of monotoned megaphone screams
Pestilent bellows, yearning to set ablaze demagogues of corporate monopoly
Burgoise oppression - an inveterate episode from wake til dream
A crimson pennon of sickle-hammer-star, burnt and faded -- waves insolently!

Revolution! The only mantle for nameless disenfranchised mass hysterias
With their fists held high; soaring on no account reaching elevated seats of power
Gluttonous culprits with their thick hide, gulp richly on economic ambrosia
While heaps of dejected underprivileged intoxicate on their cesspool gutters

Blood drawn and bled; solitarily nourishes this countrys protracted famine
On a stake are heads of political effigies; perpetual luminaries of lane dissents
For crypted in their graffitis noxious haze of rage against the machine:
Is the eradication of despotic edifice! Edification; the masses value for zero cent

Lady Justice: joined the unrequited cause -- whilst blindfolded and being sodomized
Movement without action is a propaganda; rally behind her, and liberate your mind!


This socio-political ranting is roughly true to the form of a Shakesperean sonnet -- of having 14 lines: ( 3 quatrains and one heroic couplet at the end, with an "abab cdcd efef gg" rhyme scheme) but I stress its nonconformity to the conventions of iambic pentameters (man that's some serious hard shit). The rythmic variations may indeed be skewed as compared to classical guidelines but since this is my first shot at sonnets ( this being an inaugural post and all ) considerations must be extended as I presume.
And all introductions be properly addressed:

Hello fellow Noypi's ( to other hardliners ), my name is:
Confrias C De Leon -- isang Indie kartoonista -- isang baguhang estudyate sa sining ng animasyon. Nawa'y samahan n'yo ako saking mga pabulong na pakikibaka na tanging tangan mapurol na lapis sa pagguhit at pagtitik dito sa panibagong likhang karatula. Salamat!

The Satirist's War Cry: Get Up! Stand Up! (Bob Marley)
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